Carpet Cleaning tips to make it last

Newly installed carpet can make a room feel brighter and inviting. Here are some tips to ensure your carpet stays that way.

Dirt the carpet killer!

  • Never let dirt sit

  • Dirt is the main enemy of a clean carpet. It can penetrate deep into the fibers of the material and the longer it sits the more difficult it can be to remove.
    Regularly vacuuming is the logical first line of defense but it takes a good vacuum on the strongest setting about 2-3 seconds to get 80% of the dirt in an area,
    so resist the temptation to vacuum quickly and don’t use the sound of dirt as your barometer for moving on.

  • Well placed mats

  • Use entry way mats in highly trafficked areas of the house. Combined with course outdoor mats you can ensure that the majority of dirt ends up on these
    easy to clean surfaces and not on your new carpet.

Professional Cleaning

  • Spot Quality from a Distance

  • Carpet cleaners with vehicle mounted equipment are your first clue of a professional company. The equipment is stronger so your carpets will get a deeper clean and all the dirt filled air and moisture will be directed outside of your house.

  • Do it Yourself?

  • More and more outlets are offering home owners the ability to rent carpet cleaning equipment to do the job themselves. It might seem to be a tempting option but there are a couple reason why we don’t recommend it. First a rented machine just doesn’t have the power to clean deep into the fibers of the carpet at best your only going to get a thorough surface cleanse. Most greasy residues and allergens will be far out of reach. Some rented cleaners require a combination of two types of liquids to work properly if not done completely right you can end up soaking your carpets thoroughly or over soaping them.

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing when done correctly can make a great first impression. They rejuvenate lobbies, entryways and open areas to create a clean new feel. Besides just looking great proper floor waxing adds a layer of protection that will add years to their life span. At Utah Cleaning our professionals ensure that not only will your floors look excellent but they will last a long time as well.
A lot of people are under the impression that a highly trafficked area needs to be stripped and waxed once a month. Thats a great perception for companies that strip and wax your floors but its just not the case. Even a supermarket with some of the harshest foot traffic there is only strip and wax every 3-5 months. If your getting your floors done by someone that is going to do the job right there is no reason those floors shouldn’t look sparkling and new for several months.

It is important for us at Utah Cleaning to do the job right. For us it all starts with the details. Before we even apply the wax the floor has to be spotless. This requires not only giving attention to the obvious areas where most of your traffic comes from but even the edges and corners of the room. These are spots that can be neglected because of the added time it takes to properly clean them. Plus if they don’t receive a lot of direct light blemishes and poor cleaning can be hidden. Every spot on your floor is given the attention it deserves. After we have the floors looking pristine only then do we apply high quality professional wax.

With Utah Cleaning’s floor waxing services we promise your floors will look great and last.

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