St. George Utah Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Utah Cleaning provides a myriad of cleaning services in the Southern Utah area.

Our standout service is floor stripping and waxing. You can always depend on a professional work at an affordable rate.

Our professionals are experienced in tile, concrete, slate, marble, wood floors and many other surfaces. We start by stripping your floors to their original look and then add our sealing solutions.

Our goal is for your floors to look pristine and last as long as possible.
Through regular maintenance a good floor waxing should last on average about 6 years.

The Utah Cleaning maintenance program is done through spot floor buffering that will keep your floors shining while stopping erosion and cracking. Lobbies, crowed walk ways and generally any high trafficked area need special attention to stop build-up and tarnish.

Utah Cleaning has been a trusted company in the St. George Utah area for many years.

Quality Assurance

Our cleaners are screened, provided with training (safety, cleaning duties, security of facility), and supervised. We provide frequent quality control inspections to assure that our promised quality service is provided.